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Capetown, ZA ICANN Meetings

A photo from the ICANN Meetings in CapeTown Paul Twomey stopped to chat briefly and pose with me for a photo. I joked with him to get that smile going, that he would boost my market value if I had a photo with him. He countered, cleverly, that the photo would more likely boost his. […]

I must be attending the wrong ICANN meetings

Susan Crawford posted an anonymous comment that makes some powerful and controversial statements in the post “Time for Reformation of …


in my comments to the ICANN board yesterday I noted that Roberto Gaetano and I first met at the original CORE meetings in ’97/’98.

I was struck by the number of people who I first met back then that are
still well involved in the process. They include…

hmmm……perhaps they can

let’s see. ombudsman, check. progress in the IANA function, check.
hearty new gtld discussion, check. a strong contribution from nomcom in
manning key ICANN posts, check (especially the addition of joi!). peaceful relations between ICANN and Verisign? …