More disappointment with Blinds To Go

Since I once more received unsolicited addressed advertising from my “friends” at Blinds to Go (despite their reassurance that I had been removed from their mailing list), I was reminded of a reader comment that I had not yet posted.

I have just read your online blog with your blinds to go complaint.  I have
a similar complaint to make and now I understand the frustration you
experienced as you tried to speak to an actual person when phoning their
head office.

I recently purchased 13 set of blinds at Blinds to Go with the assurance
that these blinds were being offered at the lowest price possible.  Instead
after paying 70% for my purchase, I found comparable quality for more than
50% less at Home Depot.

After contacting my BTG sale associate about my finding, he suddenly became
too difficult to reach and began singing a different tune about their 200%
store policy.  In the papers that I signed, it clearly states that if you
find “the same” blinds for cheaper within 90 days you will receive 200% of
your money back.  No other details given.

Of course, all of a sudden the policy details, which are not even disclosed
in the purchase form or on the blinds to go website, would explain that the
money back guarantee only applies to blinds sold at a store with the same
fabric, design, colour, warranty guarantee, wait length for the blinds, and
the list continues.  The head office had “conveniently” forgot to add these
details to their website and I am certain that these details will be
included quite soon.

Not really a big surprise (actually they still advertise this guarantee today). Why it is going to be very hard to find an exact match? Because they apparently have their own factory. They do not sell any other manufacturers.

PS: I actually wonder why they are called Blinds To Go when you have to order the blinds in most cases and cannot take them home with you right away.