Ajax RSS generator

Now here’s a tool that I have been waiting for a long time: Ponyfish.com. Since the name is anything but self-explanatory, here’s a quick review.

Ponyfish is an RSS generator for sites that do not offer RSS-Feeds. But instead of writing complex regular expressions, Ponyfish uses Ajax in order to select what to place in a feed. I already tried it for one website where I miss a feed, and it worked fine with one small manual edit. Great idea, even better execution.The only downside is that it currently only works of the title/headline of the post actually is a link, but it’s a great start.

[via Phlow.net]

Dear Charitable Organization

Dear Charitable Organization:

When I donated some money last year on your website, I did so because I wanted to help your cause, I could identify with some of your ideas. You disappointed me. You took my address information and added it to your mailing list, in order to solicit repeat donations from me. You are driving me away instead.

You ignored my letter to remove me off your mailing list. Who knows, maybe you even sold my address information to other charitable organizations.

Please leave me alone. I decide when I donate and to whom. I visit your website, subscribe to your newsletter if I want to. Do not try to decide for me.

Thank you,

Marrakech . . . On the Road to Morocco…

Morocco ICANN meeting in Marrakech was a great experience, the weather was warm, plus I brought my better half and her sister along for the conference, and it was good to have all of my industry friends meet my great Melissa.

I had the opportunity to moderate a panel discussion on the Domain Name Marketplace Workshop, which I thought was very visionary on behalf of ICANN to have as part of their schedule.