Ahhh, Maui

Ahhh, Maui

Melissa dragged me from my workaholic existence of ‘Frakes on a Plane’ conferences for a 10 day vacation in Hawaii.
It was almost too hard to leave this beautiful island.  Wailea and Kihei were really neet places to visit, and there’s a technology center in Kihei near where we stayed.  Congratulations and many years of happiness to Alex and Jenny, who got married while we were there and shared that great event with Melissa and I.


Got an ill? Pop a pill!

This seems to unfortunately still to be largely a sign of our times – whenver you have an ill, pop a pill. Just to make sure you can still function and work for society. You might get everyone else in your office sick as well, but hey 😉

Check out Licensed To Pill, a flash animation about this topic, surprisingly this is one flash animation I like.

[Thanks LewR]

Leaving the herd – Auf Wiedersehen Tucows

Leaving the herd – my time has come. Life is full of change. Last
year was full of change with the birth of my son – so why stop there?
The era of change continues this year, with a big and important step
for me.

I will be leaving Tucows as of March 1st, 2007. Leaving the
herd was a difficult decision, especially after a full 5 years and 8
months of work with many wonderful people. I was the first Sales
Engineer to be hired by Tucows and it was an amazing opportunity to
help share and validate this position.

Thank you, Tucows, colleagues, ex-colleagues, suppliers,
partners and resellers for the amazing time I’ve had. I am hoping to
stay in touch with as many of you as possible.

But for me it is time to move on, time to move out of the barn.

Unfortunately at this point in time, I am not at liberty to
reveal a whole lot of what I will be doing. I can however say, that I
am looking forward to working a lot more with Peter, since he happens
to be the founder of the startup that I am co-founder of.

Stay tuned for more…

PS: Happy Valentine’s day!

DomainPulse Switzerland

DomainPulse in Baden, Switzerland was a strong conference that made it clear to me that the European domain marketplace is quite robust.

Each year, the German (.DE), Swiss (.CH/.LI), Austrian (.AT) registries take turns hosting the conference.

Next year is in Vienna, Austria, and I recommend attending one if you never have.

Domainfest Diary discountinued

Yes yes, I know. I never got beyond the first part of my DomainFest Global diary… Well, it appears that there was just too much going on there for me to keep track, but let’s just say that I had a great and successful time. More later…