For those of you wondering about

For those of you asking me about my Blog – yes, it’s down, I am aware of it and trying to get it back up as quickly as possible. On top of a move of the physical location of the server on Wednesday we are now facing some hardware issues on that server. Hopefully it will be back online today.

[Update]: It’s back up – but it’s running off one hard drive instead of two.

Traffic West – Las Vegas 2007

Rick Schwartz, Howard Neu, and the team at WADND put on an AWESOME conference yet again. Great speakers, great food, great networking.

The Targeted Traffic conference pulls together an amazing collection of people from all over the world and many different occupations and industries.


Welcome, .TEL

Welcome to the Root zone, and godspeed to Telnic on their hard work and perseverence.  From what I gather, the whole concept of the .TEL sTLD is fairly revolutionary in what they hope to accomplish, and I hope that the registrar channel will show interest to help their consumers increase the benefit from VOIP and other things that this TLD hopes to enable.