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Webex as a platform

I just have to talk up Web Conferencing provider WebEx and their service. I have been in many web conferences that this platform has supported, and it worked each time without a hitch. Adobe now is offering a variety of web conferencing solutions as well along with Acrobat, it seems. Consumer choice is good. I […]

The Jothan Frakes Islands (.JF)

For the past 10 years I have been contributing quietly to the DNS and TLD infrastucture in both private and public companies, in a variety of technical roles. Over the course of that time, I have gotten the opportunity to work with some fantastic and brilliant people. And there were some that have not been […]

Fun with ImageChef…

I got sent the following image chef sticker because of all the work I do with ccTLDs, and I got a big laugh out of it. Seems like you can plug in whatever you want and it will render the graphic for you. This was the funniest thing eh-ver, and it seems like the possibilities […]

Web 2.0 Word to my brother man…

Props to my brother… Page just finished up another movie, the upcoming “Enchanted” starring McDreamy. He’s been doing computer animation for Tippett Studios since 1997. Yeah, his name is Page Frakes, as opposed to the new web 2.0 company Page Flakes. By the way I digg web 2.0, because the term jot keeps popping up. […]

ICANN San Juan, Puerto Rico 6/25-29, 2007

Whois, New TLDs, and … La Isla Bonita!

INTEROP.JP June 11-15 2007

I have been asked to speak at the INTEROP in Chiba (Tokyo) Japan on the 14th, and accepted. What is INTEROP? “企業が必要としている最適なネットワーク環境の実現に不可欠な最新の基盤技術・製品群と、それを用いたリューションを展示し新たなビジネスチャンスを掴むための“ 出展社と来場者の最適なマッチング ”を提供する。それが、Interopです。 “


There is more and more conversation surrounding introduction of a TLD called .bank for financial institutions to use for their websites. f-Secure has two articles, one called “Masters of Their Domain” and “And you can take that to the .bank” Eric Kitchens’ Blog has an article called “yourdomain.useless“. Not bad ideas, lets watch the new […]