‘Hacking’ My Body with the 4 minute ROM workout machine

What do people think of the fastexercise.com “ROM” workout machine? 

 Please comment!

OK, I came to a relization that I am a growing boy, and unfortunately that stopped being vertical growth after age 19.  Realizing that I can have more energy, and be more healthy in general if I do more exercise than I currently am doing, I decided to step up and do something.  First step of course is to break away from a pattern of  oreo binges.

 I travel a lot (hence the name of my blog), and I notice there is an ad in the in flight magazines for the ROM 4 minute workout machine.  4 minutes a day of intensive workout.  No More.  No Less.  I can afford 4 minutes’ time.

With tax and shipping and what not, a unit comes in at just about 16k in costs, but I mentally justified the amount because I figure (hope) that perhaps the benefits are far greater than that amount.

Should I make this purchase? 

I will open up comments on this one to the general public to see what comes back before I move on this, because of the amount to be spent here.

Disappearing Google Alerts

I used to use Google Alerts extensively in order to help me stay on top of certain companies and topics – amongst other reason to help me fuel my blogs. Well, I am not sure what is happening, but the alerts keep on disappearing. I have changed the email address (and Google) account I use to point to my Gmail account, to make sure that there are no bounces, but still keep on disappearing. I had re-added about 20 alerts and after 2 days I was down to 5 – 3 days later all of them were gone.

Since there’s barely any chance that my support email to Google will be answered, I was wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar. I wasn’t able to find anything. Am I the only one encountering this problem?