Three new TLDs in the Root: .KP, .ME, .RS

Please welcome North Korea (aka Korea, Democratic People’s Republic) (.KP), Montenegro (.ME), and Serbia (.RS) to the root zone.

Delegation was approved at the recent Special ICANN Board of Director meeting on September 11.

My compliments to Kim Davies and David Conrad at IANA on a smooth process from board approval to root addition.

It appears that the zones were added to the root, but the IANA whois does not yet list the administrative entities for these published yet.

.KP was delegated to “Korea Computer Center”.

.RS and .ME are going to be replacements for the former .YU namespace (formerly Yugoslavia – and YU left the ISO3166-1 list), with a 2-3 year responsible transition of that namespace as .YU is sunsetted. .RS is to be operated by the same adminstrator of the .YU ccTLD.

New TLDs – What’s Your Idea?

What are your ideas for new top level domains?

Because of my tenure in the namespace market, I have the privilege of being a person that folks trust for open feedback on their TLD applications for the upcoming rounds next year.

I’ve heard or seen over 50 different pitches or business concepts at this point for new TLDs.
Some are great and have a ton of commercial appeal, some are not bad in that there is a good premise behind what they provide as an experience for the end user, and some are not going to get over a thousand registrations in their lifetime (and they’re good with that).

Lots of duplications…   Of the over 50 that I have seen, there’s 1 that I have seen 4 separate potential applicants for, 2 that  I have seen triples of, and 9 that I have seen duplicates of, and the rest are individual strings.

Great minds think alike, and I am certain I have not seen every application out there.

I know most every registry platform, the various providers who outsource these capabilities, and technical requirements for resolution and registration services, and also understand the registrar channel well, because I have operated registries and registrars.

If you are a person could benefit from a chat, I’ll put it out there that I am discretely reviewing these on a pro-bono basis, and am glad to offer any feedback privately.

ROM Workout machine arrived…

OK, I ordered one, and my ROM machine is here.  I am going to start working out daily and track my weight and shape here.

Thanks to friends with comments.

I will say this:

The process of ordering the ROM and their handling of shipping was one of the most white glove processes I have ever experienced.  Kudos to the company on this.  Many companies could learn from them.
The machine is beautiful and every attention to detail was made in its crafting, down to the mat that is included and the locking device that has its combo identical to the last 4 of the serial number.

4 Minutes pass like the breeze, but I am sore beyond belief after.  It either is working or I am really out of shape.  Or both.