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So Long Typepad

With the help of Jay Westerdal at I have just migrated to a "Wordpress" account. Jay is the most famous Internet entrepreneur to ever build something for a domainer. One day you will read this post and say "holy moses" can you believe "Jay" and his team built something like this for a regular individual?" Thanks a million Jay.. Special props to you mister unspoken techie at domaintools. You are my real American hero. You can find me at from now on.. Me worry about duplicate blog content and it’s impact within Google’s algo?!?.. You gotta be kidding…

Microsoft Domain Name Registration Blowout

Danno sends link: (I think most of these are a most likely a result of MS going after people they think are cybersquatting…and not all new domain registrations). ***FS*** Probably so Danno.

Ahmed Farooq on Facebook ***FS*** More quarterbacking on this deal … Ahmed is a sharp guy.

Traffic Arbitrage for Everyone

Regular reader writes: ""Web traffic arbitrage means a few things. The best way to learn this is to do some preliminary research and then begin to do it. It can be done on a very low budget during the learning stage. I am posting text ads on one network and then sending to parked pages that have an ad feed from a different network. Doing it very small scale for now, to make sure I really understand the subtleties. Have seen a few darn interesting little profit bubbles. Testing with travel and vehicle related keywords. I understand now how someone…

Why Is Featuring (Probable) Typo Squatting Domain Names In Its Daily Sales Emails? Todd Mintz raises an excellent question.. Selling TM intent domains has been going on since before Michael Arrington was the CEO at Pool. I suspect it has less to do with "design" on’s part and more to do with the sheer volume of names expiring. You can only prescreen so far. Still, a rudimentary filter or diclosure relating to trademarks would not be that difficult and would probably help as this industry matures.

1&1 Says That .US Registrations are Up

From Ron Jackson’s October 26th 2007 DN Journal Lowdown ***FS*** I like CC Tld’s a great deal.. On a relative percentage basis I don’t like .us as much because the defacto .us extension is really .com in the hearts and minds of the US populace. Still, I do believe in .us as a long term alternative to .com as good names get scarce.

The Value of Mobile Internet Traffic

"What is a click-through on a mobile phone worth?" ***FS*** Andrew says not very much, in his experience. I’ve always suspected as much.. Picture yourself browsing on your phone.. you have limited battery life.. you’re hurried.. The desktop browsing experience is lean-forward marketing.. You’re sitting upright in front of your computer.. you’re engaged.. you have a workspace and the ability to reach for your credit card. 🙂 Not so in the mobile experience, with the exception of passengers in an automobile.