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Josh sends link: ""Sahar makes two very good points. 1. The importance of bringing smart and diverse people together. (I’ll add that personality chemistry is vital when doing this.) 2. Predicts that more owners of domain names will build. As for While it is a domain name, it is also a potent brand. That said, imo, not all generic domains are potent brands. It’s determined on a case by base basis. And it’s subjective."" ***FS*** Couldn’t have said that last part better myself.

Domain Name Tips and Tricks for Domainers

Richard Quilley sends some tips and free advice for freshman and sophmore domainers. ""Frank, At the risk of sounding precocious, I thought your readers might like to share the following tips. I’m at the beginning of the learning curve (6 weeks) and have made plenty of mistakes, so I know what it’s like to be starting out with little money. * Organise domains using Treepad Lite (free). Create categories as you go along – health, alternative health, etc. Highlight important domains by putting stars**** in front of them. The longer the row of stars, the more important the domain. You…

The $160 Billion Typo

Danno sends timely link:

***FS*** This particular piece speaks to the typo dynamic.. but still illustrates the disruptive technology embodied in a great domain.

The Free Internet .. Domain Names as ‘Your’ Platform

Sahar writes: "Here’s a domain-parking related post on Mashable I found interesting… how parked pages are perceived by non domainers: Three Clicks to Spam: Google’s Hypocritical Link Selling Policy Thanks!" " ***FS*** Sahar is correct of course.. Everything in life is a matter of perception or a gradient-optic through which you view things. Create a domain name and point it to your registrar’s placeholder page and the name is "unused" .. add advertising of your own and the name is "parked".. Heaven forbid your inactive domain with advertising gets indexed into almighty Google.. If this happens by accident or…

Owen Frager.. Ahead of his Time

Owen writes: Oh Mr. Schilling… we are getting closer [] < Piper Jaffray Raises AAPL Target to $250.00 Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster has raised the target price for AAPL to US$250 from $222 based on a detailed iPhone revenue analysis, according to CNBC on Thursday. While Leopard’s launch is expected to add US$240M to Apple’s bottom line this quarter, the real story accrding to Gene Munster is a detailed revenue analysis of the iPhone in the outyears. Mr. Munster is now modelling Apple to sell 3.4 million iPhones in calendar 2007, 12.9 million in 2008, and 45 million by the…

Opera to Make Mobile Browsing Feel Like Desktop

Opera’s new web browsers will allow their standard browser and mobile web browser to share bookmarks. from the article: "Opera is a popular browsing choice for smartphones running Symbian. The idea behind Opera’s mobile products is similar to how Apple CEO Steve Jobs has sold the iPhone: smartphone users will no longer endure a compromised Internet experience on their phones, von Tetzchner said." Josh hypothesizes: "Over time, content developers will be less concerned about creating separate content or separate websites for mobile phones. In 2006, JD powers claimed that "The average replacement cycle for a typical handset is 17.6 months"….

The "Real" Reason Sites Like are Worth Billions

A new poll shows that nearly 1 in 4 Americans say the Internet could be a stand-in for a significant other for a period of time Josh says: "Many people really really really like the Net. (Isn’t it fun to state the obvious.)" ***FS*** Yes it is brother Josh 🙂