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The U.S. Has Put a Damper on ICANN’s Dream of Running the Domain Name System As They See Fit

The United States has made clear that it has no intention of giving up oversight of the Internet’s Domain Name System and they let ICANN know that was the case in a letter sent to the oversight body Wednesday.

A New Report Says the Yellow Pages Are About to Take a Fierce Beating from the Internet

The next traditional ad medium likely to be slain by the Internet is the Yellow Pages according to research firm Borrell Associates. “Over the next five years, we are expecting 39% of the ad spending on print yellow pages to vanish,” Borrell reports.Th… Attracts 230K to Top’s Weekly Domain Sales Report

The new weekly domain sales report is out at The top dog this week was a one-word .com domain that attracted close to a quarter of a million dollars in one of the year’s 20 biggest sales. Country codes also fared well again, taking fou…

Matt Bentley, One of the Industry’s Brightest Young Executives, Is Leaving Sedo

Effective Friday (August 1), Matt Bentley is leaving his post as Chief Strategy Officer at Sedo. In his 6 years with the company Bentley has compiled an exceptionally impressive record of success.

The Computer DN Journal is Written On Died Over the Weekend. Here’s Why I Built the New One from Scratch

When I returned home from the GeoDomain Expo my home computer refused to start. Needing a quick replacement but finding nothing but plastic junk in the big box stores I set about building my own. Here’s what’s under the hood now.

MySpace Boss Peter Chernin Thinks the Site is Underpaid for Ads But Video and Mobile May Change That is wildly popular but Peter Chernin, the President of parent company News Corp, says ads on the site don’t generate the kind of money they should. He thinks video and mobile may be the key to ramping up their (and your) website revenue.

Drop Wizard Gordon Martin Puts All of His Chips on Country Code Domains

Drop Wizard Gordon Martin is back in the saddle. After closing his popular drop catching service in 2004 he quietly switched his focus from .com to country code domains and now he has rolled out a new business centered entirely around ccTLDs.