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Rick Schwartz Is Mad As Hell And He’s Not Going To Take It Anymore

Rick Schwartz is on the warpath. In an exclusive interview for our new August newsletter previewing the Sept. 23-26 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference in New York, Schwartz laid into cyber squatters, PPC companies, registrars and even “show fatigue”. Find out w…

Rise of the Web Prompts a Popular Newspaper Columnist To Abandon Ship Before It Sinks

A prominent newspaper columnist has abruptly quit because he said sports journalism has become “entirely a website business.” Jay Mariotti, who also appears on ESPN, said of the sinking newspaper industry ship, “I don’t want to go down with it.”

Why Microsoft’s New IE8 Browser Could Be a Knee to the Groin for Google

A new feature in Microsoft’s latest browser, Internet Explorer 8, (released in beta yesterday) could spell trouble for their arch-rival Google. Here how “InPrivate Browsing” could short circuit Google’s plan to get even bigger through display advertising.

DN Journal Exclusive: Dr. Kevin Ham and Dr. Chris Hartnett Are Heading Back to College!

Two of the best-known figures in the domain industry are heading back to college this fall even though they both already hold doctorate degrees. Here’s our exclusive report on Harvard’s new BMOCs (Big Men On Campus).

Stephen Douglas and Sam Nunez Step Into Key VP Roles at WhyPark and Sedo

Two well-known domain companies have filled key executive positions by naming new Vice Presidents. Stephen Douglas joins as VP of Business Development and Sam Nunez moves from to Sedo to become VP of Product Management.

Blockbuster Sales Pace Another Big Week for the Domain Aftermarket

The usual summer doldrums were sent packing again this week as a quartet of huge six-figure sales led another banner outing for the domain aftermarket. Two of those transactions rank among the ten biggest sales of the year, weighing in at $800,000 and …

Bad Times? BS! The Opportunities We Have to Choose From Are Unprecedented

Some old friends who are worried about their jobs disappearing have been asking me if there are still opportunities to make a living with domain names or on the Internet at large. This is what I told them…