20.48% of Irish Websites On 10 IP addresses

Just over 20% of Irish websites are on 10 IP addresses. The number of Irish websites covered in the survey was 257695. There were only 20959 distinct IP addresses. The WhoisIreland.com survey of Irish websites runs every month and covers   .ie websites and Irish hosted com/net/org/biz/info/eu websites.  The concentration of websites on a small number of IPs  is due to the success of  the shared hosting model. It also provides an insight into how the Irish web hosting market is maturing.

For most businesses, shared web hosting is fine. Their sites are not going to require vast resources and will never have hundreds of thousands of unique vistors a day hitting their website. Shared hosting is also somewhat cheaper for the hoster in that a large number of clients can be hosted on a small number of servers. The option of dedicated hosting always exists for those businesses that need the power that a dedicated server provides. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) hosting falls between the two. It has the features of dedicated hosting and is closer to the costs of shared hosting.

The concentration of websites on a small number of IP addresses is also an indication of a maturing market. An early web hosting market would have a higher number of distinct IP addresses because no clear market leaders would have emerged and it would be small and medium sized hosters having the bulk of the market share. As a web hosting market matures, a few top web hosting companies will emerge. In the early phases of the Irish webhosting market, the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) dominated the market. Eircom.net and Esat. net held over 50% of the Irish web hosting market ten years ago. Their decline has been dramatic as second generation Hosting Service Providers effectively took over the Irish market. These second generation hosters were providing things that the old ISPs did not. They made web hosting simpler and cheaper. Eircom and Esat failed to capitalise on their market share and through a failure to adapt to the changes in the Irish web hosting market, they have continuously lost market share. The second generation hosters (Hosting365.ie (now Register365.ie) / Blacknight.com / Digiweb.ie / Novara.ie (now owned by Digiweb.ie) / Irishdomains.com) to a large extent replaced Eircom and Esat in the market. They did so by commoditising web hosting, doing it better and doing it cheaper.

The Latest Happenings at DomainTools

The Latest Happenings at DomainTools

DomainTools Whois Website Tool

We recently released a DomainTools Whois plugin for WordPress. The DomainTools Whois plugin will automatically link domain names in a WordPress page or blog post to the DomainTools Whois service. It also generates a pop-up containing a summary of Whois information that your visitors can see without leaving your site.

A few of the customizable features are:

Control how often domain names on your site are converted to links
*  Specify the target window that will load the requested Whois information
*  Choose whether to display the Whois information for a domain name in a pop-up on your website or to directly link users to the DomainTools Whois service

This plugin can be downloaded from DomainTools or WordPress.

If you have produced a DomainTools gadget, widget, or extension you would like listed on the DomainTools website, please let us know! Send an email into our support team at MemberServices at Domaintools.comDomaintools.com.

DomainTools is Exhibiting at INTA

The International Trademark Association’s 132nd annual meeting is being held next week in Boston, May 23 – 26, where DomainTools will have an exhibit booth. The annual INTA meeting is a must-attend event for those interested in property, brand and trademark research and protection. The conference will have 90 exhibitors, including DomainTools, and over 8,000 confirmed attendees for this years event.

Last year, our inaugural year of exhibiting at INTA, we had the opportunity to meet many of our customers and speak with them about our services. Our research tools help domain investors and brand managers protect their property in trademark searching and monitoring and historical research. We look forward to discussing our tools with current users and sharing our services with new users.

Please stop by our Booth #640!

DomainTools has Moved Up! Literally.

DomainTools moved into newly remodeled office space on the first of May, right upstairs from our old offices. If you are ever in the greater Seattle area, please drop by and say hello!


.uk ccTLD Overtakes .cn ccTLD

The .uk ccTLD domain name count for the April 2010 was 8,483,010. The .cn ccTLD domain name count for April 2010 was 8,254,681. The .uk ccTLD, adminstered by Nominet, has overtaken the .cn ccTLD and is now the second largest ccTLD globally after the .de ccTLD (13,630,401 domains as of the end of April)  according to the domain name counts for the major ccTLDs and gTLDs. The drop in .cn figures is due to many of the low cost .cn domain registrations that were registered over the last few years due to special offers being dropped.  This resulted in roughly 5.4 million .cn domains being dropped since .cn’s December 2009 figure and approximately 4 million domains since January 2010’s figure. However the rate of .cn domain name deletions is slowing as the the bulk of the special offer domain names have been dropped from the ccTLD without being renewed.

The growth of .uk ccTLD has the characteristic of a mature ccTLD in that it is steadier with fewer wild spikes in new domain registrations and deletions. The .cn is still very much a new ccTLD as it was only opened to external registrations a few years ago.  The uncertain European economic climate has made the UK a more attractive market and there is likely to be an increase in registrants in European countries continuing to register .uk domains. The .uk is also the second most important ccTLD in Ireland after the .ie ccTLD as there is an adjacent market effect due to both markets sharing using the English language. This is similar to the Austria/Germany adjacent market effect. The .eu ccTLD has not been quite the success it could have been in the UK and the UK .eu domain registrations represent less than 10% of the UK domain footprint. Many of the .eu registrations in the UK are owned by cyberwarehousers and cybersquatters and there is little natural use of .eu websites and domain names in the UK.