Deflecting Domain Purchase Inquiries to Network Solutions

Deflecting Domain Purchase Inquiries to Network Solutions

A simple way to weed out bad domain name offers.

If you receive a lot of inquiries about purchasing your domain names, then you probably get frustrated about responding only to have the person disappear after the first contact.

There are many ways you can manage this, but I thought I’d pass along a tip a couple large domain owners tell me works. Whenever you receive an inquiry, tell the person to make an offer to you via Network Solutions’ Certified Offer Service.

The first benefit is that the buyer will have to pay $19 to make the offer. You’ll know right away if the buyer is a serious end user or not. An end user should be willing to pay a measly $19 to submit an offer.

The second benefit is Network Solutions will handle the negotiations and escrow. They charge the buyer a 5% fee if the deal goes through. (I should note that Network Solutions “certified offers” aren’t completely certified.)

Now this tactic isn’t for everyone. If you get a lot of domain investors interested in your domains they probably won’t bite. Some smaller buyers will balk at this as well. But even if they do, they’ll probably come back with an explanation that at least shows their level of interest.

An alternative is to send them to Sedo or Afternic to purchase the domain, although you will have to cover the commission. Still, this may be worth it if the broker will work on your behalf. Go Daddy also offers a service similar to Network Solutions, but it is $69.99 plus a 10% buyer premium.

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