Add John Edward to Team Add John Edward to Team

Domain Guardians are on cloud nine with the addition of John Edward to their team. “We’re beside ourselves to have John on board.” says Director Jen Sale.

The addition of Edward to the Domain Guardians team provides the group with an unprecedented level of expertise to help domain name owners and their loved ones manage domain names from this life and on to the next. Edward’s ability to communicate with the “other side” will give the Guardians a tool that no other domain service provider can offer.

Sale continued, “We’re also excited to publish John’s Domain Predictions on our website. Apparently .biz is making a comeback in a big way!”

John also expressed his eagerness to work with Domain Guardians, “I couldn’t dream of a better gig and group of people to work with! And I only hope this brings me one step closer to owning the .com version of my name. I know who you are . . .”

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