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Tighter security available to .com sites, but upgrades required – Network World Fusion

As of March 31, VeriSign supports a security standard called DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) on the 90 million-plus names that have been registered in the .com domain. DNSSEC “is not hard, but it does put a significant strain on your resources,” says …

Tighter security available to .com sites, but upgrades required – Network World Fusion

The .nu domain has supported DNSSEC for four years, but Semich says that less than 1% of .nu names are signed. “The fact is that most people don’t know about DNSSEC or care,” Semich says. “In some ways, it’s up to the governments to do communication ab…

Swing For The Fences

In the annals of baseball terminology, the phrase ‘sweet spot’ refers to an area on the bat roughly three inches in diameter. If ball meets bat at that precise location and at the right moment – POW! The result is a perfect transfer of energy: from your legs through your hands, into the bat and […]

PETA Moves Domains from Go Daddy to

Animal rights group moves domain names to competitor. Making good on its promise, PETA has moved its domains (well at least away from Go Daddy. The domain name is now registered at This whole elephant shooting video is obviously a hotly debated subject. Some are arguing this is a different type of controversy […]

Is Cybersquatting Up or Just Enforcement of Cybersquatting?

WIPO’s headline is misleading. Today World Intellectual Property Forum (WIPO) did its annual release of how many UDRP cases it handled last year. It was a record 2,696 cases. That’s a lot of cases, and National Arbitration Forum also saw an increase in cases this year. But I take issue with WIPO’s headline: Cybersquatting Hits […]

What NOT To Do When You’re Buying A Domain Name – The Business Insider

Navigating the world of domain names can be a daunting task if you’re not up to speed on how to get one. With countless caveats and hosting companies out there, it’s easy to be overwhelmed or worse, make a mistake that could ultimately cripple your bus…

Telnic Announces Launch of Short and Numeric-only .TEL Names – WebHosting.Info

The company would be launching these domain names on 1st June 2011. Telnic Limited , the Registry Operator for the communications-focused .TEL top level domain (TLD), today announced that the launch date for the upcoming release of short (two-character…