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Google Buys

Google bolsters +1 domain name coverage with .me purchases. Google has purchased the domain name, updated whois records show. The domain name was apparently purchased in November of last year, but remained under whois privacy protection until today. The purchase appears to be related to Google’s +1 tool (pronounced “plus one”), as the company […]

My Commentary on, Which Just Survived a UDRP

Domain owner wins case but panelist’s rationale is troublesome. The owner of the generic domain name has successfully defended his domain name from The American Jewish Committee (AJC) in a UDRP. AJC has operated Commentary Magazine since 1945, thus its interest in the domain name. The owner of registered it all the way […]

Translations of the April 2011 Discussion Draft of the New gTLD Applicant Guidebook Are Available

29 April 2011

Domains registered in Vietnamese – Viet Name News

An individual could register and use five free Vietnamese IDNs, while an organisation is allowed 100 domain names, on a ‘first come, first serve” basis. Tran Minh Tan, deputy director of the Information Centre, said the Ministry of Information and …

Domain Pioneer Marc Ostrofsky Tells Us About His New Book That Hits Stores on Monday

Not long after I met domain pioneer Marc Ostrofsky for the 1st time, he told me he was working on a book about how to make money on the Internet. That was several years ago and every time I saw him after that he was still working on and excited about t…

ICANN Adds Black Hat Conference Chief Hacker As Security Chief – PC Magazine

ICANN has moved into the spotlight recently with its approval of the .XXX top-level-domain part of an effort to introduce generic top-level-domains with possible names like .fish or .tree, in an effort to widen the Internet’s scope. In 2009, ICANN appr…

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