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Top Domain Name Wire Stories of May 2011

May flowers? A look back at the month in domaining. Summer isn’t officially here in the northern hemisphere, but as schools call it quits for the year it certainly seems that way. Here’s a look back at the top stories on Domain Name Wire for May, ranked by number of page views. 1. Monte Cahn […]

Social Studies: Get baby a post-conception Internet presence – Inside Bay Area

Q: My future daughter hasn’t even been conceived yet, but I already Googled her name and bought the domain. Other than my husband, I’ve never told anyone I did this. I realize some people might think me silly or weird, but I believe in planning ahead.

After Making a Fortune With Domains Jan Barta is Out to Conquer the Rest of the Business World

26- year-old Elephant Orchestra Co-Founder Jan Barta has built a business empire that now stretches far beyond the domain world. His success marks a huge comeback for a family that had lost everything they owned in a Communist takeover of their homela…

How to Choose a Domain Extension –

Sure, you can try and register your company’s name as the URL, but what should you do regarding all those domain name extensions that are now available? Obviously a .com extension remains a default option, but what happens if someone is already parked …

Hospitality Company Claims Infringes Its Trademarks

Company wants to trade up to better domain name through lawsuit. Leisure Hotel Corporation has filed a lawsuit against the owner of claiming trademark infringement, counterfeiting, false designations of origin, and cybersquatting (pdf). Let me ask you a simple question: If you were the person who plunked down $150,000 to buy a couple […]

Lawsuit Alleges Reverse Domain Name Hijacking of

Man files lawsuit after losing UDRP. The same attorney who successfully defended the owner of has filed a reverse domain name hijacking lawsuit on behalf of the owner of Marc Lurie lost a case over brought against him by AirFX, LLC in a National Arbitration Forum proceeding. Together with attorney Marc J. […]

Picking a Domain Name – The Business Insider

The first step in picking a domain name is to devise a name that is relevant to your business. There may be many businesses with random names such as floozoo, kinzo, pongo, While these domain names are catchy and can be good for start…