Archive for June, 2011’s to Start Rewarding Bidders

Early bidders will earn cash back. Francois Carrillo, the guy behind, is getting ready to launch a new cash back program for bidding on his domain marketplace. The program will reward both the initial bidder in an auction and the second highest bidder with 2% of the sales price. For example, if you […]

Why You Should Own Your Domain Name –

Having an online presence is critical for writers to market their work. In a recent blog post , author  John Scalzi urged writers to purchase their own domain name online. Scalzi (pictured, via ) reminded readers that before Facebook, Internet users…

Finally a Good UDRP Finds Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

Australian company uses UDRP in bad faith. I’m kind of upset lately over panels not finding reverse domain name hijacking, so let me applaud the three person panel in a case over The panel found Australia-based Futuris Automotive Interiors guilty of reverse domain name hijacking. Even more shocking: Andrew Christie was a member of […]

Lazy Panelist Alert: This Should Have Been Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

WIPO panelist doesn’t bother to consider a sure-fire reverse domain name hijacking claim. I realize UDRP panelists aren’t paid much to handle cases, but there must be a minimum standard here. Why the frustration? Take a look at the recently decided case for The owner of the domain name registered it in 1997 and […]

Amazon: Kindle Beats Nook

Amazon registers domain name flouting recent Consumer Reports rankings. Earlier this month Consumer Reports released updated eBook reader ratings, declaring “Nook beats Kindle“. That certainly didn’t go well with Jeff Bezos. So the company just registered the domain name When it comes to domain names, perhaps Consumer Reports should give Amazon a higher rating […]

It’s Time for a National Discussion on Sales Tax

Amazon cans its California affiliates. California loses, affiliates lose. It’s time for a bigger discussion. Yesterday a couple California readers forwarded a message from saying that, should their governor sign in to law a new so-called “affiliate tax”, their participation in the Amazon Associated program would be terminated. Hours later they received a message […]

Domain-name expansion likely to create turf wars – Philadelphia Daily News

Stand aside, dot-com, king of the Web’s early years. The realm of top-level domains, fiefdoms that also include dot-net, dot-edu, dot-org, and dot-gov, is about to get much more populous. The dramatic rise in the number of new fiefdoms won’t begin unti…