Jothan is a consultant in the New Top Level Domain name field, with deep experience and contacts in the domain industry and ICANN arena.

He spent 3 months recently launching a Brussels-based new TLD consultancy Sedari in late summer/early fall 2011.   Prior to this Jothan has worked as a consultant to a number of registries, getting them connected in with the registrar channel, prepared for launch, and trained on the distribution network and the compliance and other obligations that are present for registrars from early 2010.

Prior to more than a year in freelance consulting in the TLD space, he helped found TLD Service provider Minds + Machines in early 2009 and worked there as Chief Operating Officer for over 15 months.  Before that, Jothan Frakes was Director of Strategic Accounts at Oversee.net working with DomainSponsor and the Corporate Development team at Oversee.net in the area of Domain Portfolio Acquisitions. Jothan is a frequent public speaker on the domain marketplace. Previously, Jothan was the Vice President of Business Development at Name Intelligence, operators of Domain Tools and was the executive event producer for the 2005 and 2006 Domain Roundtable Conferences. He also served as senior manager at VeriSign Naming and Directory Services in engineering.

He has specialized in Domain Name technical operations and DNS since 1993, with a particular career focus on ccTLD and gTLD operations and the ccTLD industry, NANOG, and the ICANN process. In the past decade, Jothan has been Technical Operator of 5 ccTLDs, and CTO of a registrar/registry company, and is versed in the provisioning and delivery systems for registration and resolution systems used in TLD operations. Jothan is a member of the ISOC, a frequent contributor to CircleID, ICANN Wiki, and ICANNWatch. He is the inventor of some interesting domain technology use, and is currently authoring a book on the Domain Name Industry.