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Namejet’s 3 Letter .Net and .Org Domain Auction Floods Market

Shane Cultra at DomainShane pointed out earlier that Namejet is hosting an auction of 3 letter .net domains, in fact more than 1000 of them at one time. The names were originally had a backorder deadline over the Thanksgiving holiday week but it appears someone wised up an move the closing date to get in […]

Domain Tool Review:

I just stumbled across a dropping domain name tool called that can accelerate the discovery and action on obtaining domain names that are soon dropping.  I liked it so much I really struggled with sharing it or not. I decided to write about it and share about its existence, because I’d imagine that it […]

Domain Marketplace moves…

The Domain Marketplace converged on New York this week for the Sedo User conference and T.R.A.F.F.I.C., with other events like the DomainJamNYC happening in the midst of it all. Lots to report, though I am not there. completed the acquisition of Snapnames (which is like peanut butter and chocolate getting together), and Sedo announced […]

Domain Roundtable 2006

The second year of the conference, which I had the priveledge and honor to be executive producer on, has gone famously! We had some great highlights, such as both Paul Twomey and Vint Cerf of ICANN as keynote speakers, plus Matt Bentley of Sedo and Marc Ostrovsky of iReit. There was so much amazing content, […]

Webmaster Radio

I Guest host on Domain Masters tonight, 4pm Pacific, 7PM eastern, guest hosting for Monte Cahn while he is travelling. I was humbled that Monte chose me for this, as he is a kindred spirit who works very hard to develop awareness in the Domain Industry and grow the internet naming space. My guest was […]

Domain Roundtable May 2005

The Domain Roundtable Conference, which I had to bootstrap from the ground up, has turned out to be a success. Thank you to all the staff at Name Intelligence and to the attendees and industry that came out to support this great gathering. The speakers were all top notch, the content was fantastic, and the […]

Jothan on RadioGodaddy!

I had the opportunity to join Bob Parsons on his podcast today. This was a pretty good experience, and they let me promote the Domain Roundtable Conference on today. Good stuff, and for those of us in the audience with short attention spans, here is the link to that podcast session, and they introduced […]