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ICANN’s Beckstrom Update On New gTLD Program

I just listened in to a call with the CEO of ICANN Rod Beckstrom, on an update on the new gTLD program  he gave to some bloggers.
“For us, No news is good news, things are running smoothly we have not encountered any major technical or service i…

ICANN Publishes Draft Final Report On Whois Policy

ICANN has published a DRAFT of final report of the “Whois Policy Review Team’s”,  whose mission was to  “review the extent to which ICANN’s Whois policy and its implementation are effective, meet the legitimate needs of …

What ICANN is doing wrong

A couple of recent articles have caught my attention because they offer scathing criticism of ICANN.
The first is a long and convoluted article by Kieren McCarthy on the .JOBS debacle. Kieren has basically written a feature that only a seasoned I…

ICANN New gTLD Registration Site Is Now Live & Open For Business

You want to register for a new gTLD?

The TLD Application System (TAS), the online system for submission of new gTLD applications is now live.

Check out it out here.

Once you fill out that form, you just have … Continue Reading

ICANN On Threat Of Litigation On New gTLD’s To Applicants: You Take The Risk

ICANN just held as phone meeting with the press on its new gTLD program today.

Based off a question asked by Andrew Allemann from and a follow up question by myself on the behalf of it appears ICANN is … Continue Reading

WSJ Covers The New gTLD Program Opening This Week: “”The Race to Nab Web Addresses”"

In a story just published by the Wall Street Journal entitled “The Race To Nab Web Addresses” chats about how this week ICANN will start accepting applications for new gTLD’s “‘This week will bring the long-awaited opening up of a new realm of Web addresses in which just about any word—such as dot-furniture or dot-arcticvacations—can […]

ICANN’s final preparations for new gTLDs

I think it’s fair to say that ICANN is in a state of near meltdown at the moment. With less than a week to go before the new gTLD program’s first application window is opened, on Thursday January 12, 2012, the amount of work being done is mind-ben…