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NamesCon 2016 – Already past 350 attendees and climbing!

NamesCon 2016 is already at 350+ attendees, and Jodi Chamberlain, Richard Lau and I are already working on NamesCon’s third year schedule and events. The agenda is filling up, and we’re accepting speaker and session submissions at speakers2016 _at_ – so submit your ideas, pitches, and session concepts. Register today for NamesCon 2016 to […]

Registry Service Provider Speed Dating

Two years ago, in 2008, I put together a session at the Paris ICANN meeting where I gathered new TLD applicants and service providers together in a room to meet each other. Afterward, I put together a survey and then collected the information in to a grid so that potential new TLD applicants could see […]


I have come to acceptance that the community proposal for EoI was removed from consideration. EoI did not pass but it proved that the community could raise up a proposal to the board using the Bottom-Up approach. I hated the outcome. Here’s what happened and why I would do it all again…

Heading to Seoul for ICANN Meetings

I am heading to Seoul, Korea shortly to attend and participate in the ICANN meetings, where new TLDs are the talk of the town. ICANN has made some major strides in the past year and I am certain that we will be seeing many good things in the coming year. A few interviews, public forums, […]

Domain Marketplace Interview on Domaine.Info

This interview recently posted at the French domain industry website Domaine.Info for a segment that was taped at the Sao Paulo, Brazil ICANN meeting. I am joined by Phil Corwin, Roger Collins, and Tom Barrett in discussion of the Domain Marketplace and some of the current terms and trends in the industry, following a very […]


I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Victor Pitts of Moniker for the Domain Masters radio show on Webmaster Radio again, and spoke on the ICANN meetings in Los Angeles with a recap. Jothan Frakes interview

‘Hacking’ My Body with the 4 minute ROM workout machine

What do people think of the “ROM” workout machine?   Please comment! OK, I came to a relization that I am a growing boy, and unfortunately that stopped being vertical growth after age 19.  Realizing that I can have more energy, and be more healthy in general if I do more exercise than I currently […]