Company claims trademark infringement and that Facebook hijacked its username.

The Chicago company that owns and a federally registered trademark for “Timelines” has filed a trademark infringement suit (pdf) against Facebook over its new “Timeline” feature. According to the suit:

Facebook has announced its intention to use and, indeed has already begun to re-direct Internet traffic, using Timelines’ federally registered “TIMELINES” trademark as the centerpiece of Facebook’s new product offering going forward, a move that, given the size and reach of Facebook, will essentially eliminate Timelines and leave the public with the confusing impression that plaintiff Timelines is somehow affiliated with Facebook.

My first reaction is “how can a company claim a trademark on ‘timeline’?”

But according to the lawsuit Facebook took another action that looks really bad. The plaintiff says that Facebook has taken over its Facebook page — — and forwarded it to, which is Facebook’s informational page about the new feature.

Yeah, that looks bad.

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