Domain Industry news aggregator is running a special newsletter collecting the 100 best submitted domains. The newsletter will be mailed out on Jan 9th, 2011. You can now submit your domains for consideration and the names will then be mailed to subscribers as well as emailed to the members of the following forums:, and

The rules are:

  • Only one domain per member, no exception.
  • Any extension is welcome but .COM is recommended.
  • No typo, no hack, no cybersquatting, no adult.
  • Double check you are not misspelling your domain.
  • Priced for domainers (remember they know domain value).
  • Sale commission is 10%.
  • Sale exclusivity will run for 2 weeks after newsletter delivery.
  • Domains sales will be escrow by for FREE.

Disclaimer: DNN may obtain a share of the commissions collect by the sale from

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