Before the 2011 Super Bowl Godaddy had been making a big push in the aftermarket with their premium listings. Unfortunately, for various reasons Godaddy did not include their Premium Listings in search results during the 2011 Super Bowl ad drive.   This meant that a user that was driven to the Godaddy site from the Super Bowl ad would not be able to see any of the Premium Listings in their search results, even for the exact-match domain.  Normally with a Premium Listing, an exact-match search for that domain displays the domain name as for sale and the price (see image at bottom)

DNN talked with Paul Nicks, head of Godaddy’s aftermarket, during the recent DomainFest in Santa Monica.  Nicks confirmed with us that the technical issues that prevented these aftermarket domain names from being listed last year had been addressed and that they are prepared for that traffic surge.

It’s exciting to think that the exposure Godaddy receives from their Super Bowl ads could actually lead to an individual making a sale through the aftermarket. If you like the possibilities of being able to say “I sold my domain during the Super Bowl”, you’ve got about 24 hours to put your listings in to the Premium Listings before tomorrow’s big game.

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