With Domainfest getting ready to kick off tonight, the agenda is full of very interesting people and sessions, the only thing missing seems to be any “domainers”.

In years past both Domainfest and TRAFFIC had a heavy concentration of panels full of domainers as well as others in the domain industry.

As I reviewed the agenda for Domainfest I actually don’t see one “domainer” on the schedule.

There are SEO experts, mobile search experts, representatives of companies inside the industry like Godaddy and Sedo and Oversee.net.

Yet its actually the 1st domain show I can remember where there are no domainers on a panel.

I’m not saying not having domainers serve on any panels is bad thing, its just a new thing.

Looking at the “Dine with an Expert” series once again I don’t see one “domainer” on list of experts available to dine with.

A domain show without any domainers.