With the help of Jay Westerdal at Domaintools.com I have just migrated to a "Wordpress" account. Jay is the most famous Internet entrepreneur to ever build something for a domainer.  One day you will read this post and say "holy moses" can you believe "Jay" and his team built something like this for a regular individual?"

Thanks a million Jay..  Special props to you mister unspoken techie at domaintools. You are my real American hero.

You can find me at SevenMile.com from now on..  Me worry about duplicate blog content and it’s impact within Google’s algo?!?.. You gotta be kidding me..  Haven’t you read this blog?..  If you can’t type SevenMile.com in your address bar .. You need to stay in Google’s insular world and read my content scraped second hand on a reader or a third party site.  Thanks for the memories Typepad.. it was fun 😉