Regular reader writes:

""Web traffic arbitrage means a few things.

The best way to learn this is to do some preliminary research and then begin to do it.  It can be done on a very low budget during the learning stage.

I am posting text ads on one network and then sending to parked pages that have an ad feed from a different network.  Doing it very small scale for now, to make sure I really understand the subtleties. Have seen a few darn interesting little profit bubbles. Testing with travel and vehicle related keywords.

I understand now how someone could make $ 1,000 or more in one day doing
this. Not easy to do, but possibly achievable.

On a separate note. I found an old name of mine that wasn’t active.


It used to get 4 to 5 type ins a day a few years ago. I turned it on recently, and it’s averaging about 55-60 type ins a day. 80 percent of the traffic is USA, Canada, England, Ireland and Australia. Pointed to X (a parking company), and it started making 60 cents a day. Then 4 days later, pointed it to y (a parking company), and it’s now making 1.75 – 2.50 a day. I’ve just signed up for Z (a parking company), and i think it’s possible this domain is going to make 4 or 5 dollars a day.

Interesting process.

Great blog, Frank.