Vint Cerf, Jothan Frakes
Vint Cerf and I. (I am on the right ;] )
I am grateful at this opportunity for a photo with this inspirational man. It was an absolute pleasure that Vint would stop and speak with attendees, and he was absolutely a genuine and approachable person.
Jothan Bret and John
Showing my better half in a picture with two big names in the legal and domain name fields, Bret Fausett and John Berryhill from the Mar del Plata ICANN meetings.
Jothan and Joe
Caught semi-off-guard with Joe Alagna from CentralNic.
Overcoming Jet Lag with Fernando Espana from Neulevel.
With Elliot Noss and Ross Rader
I had a photo opportunity with Two Cats from Tucows. (L-R: Ross Rader, Jothan Frakes, and Elliot Noss)
With Paul Kane
Paul Kane of CENTR paused and obliged a photo with me.
With Ray Fassett
I got the opportunity to chat a bit with Ray Fassett from .JOBS, and he also told me about the TLD, and about the great work that Overdrive is doing with the King County Library System in distributing ebooks and DRM.
Jothan and Alexander This is a unique photo opportunity with the phenomenon known as Alexander. He is very fun to spend time with, and a very good friend.