ICANN has just published an announcement that it expects that some new gTLD’s to be approved late this year and be live in early 2013.

In its new updated timeline ICANN under the date of  November 30, 2012 says:

“”In the ideal case, an application that has encountered no problems has passed evaluation by this date.

“The applied-for string can begin a transition that will result in being delegated into the root zone, and eventually the string will be live and reachable on the Internet as a TLD. ”

“However, some applications will be subject to special processes depending on the circumstances. For example, if more than one party has applied to operate the same TLD (a circumstance referred to as string contention), attempts to resolve the contention begin.”

“As you can see, the New gTLD Program forecasts a busy 2012.”

“Some new gTLDs will clear the process late in the year, and be ready for delegation in early 2013.”

“Other new gTLDs will have a longer path.”

You can read the ICANN announcement with the new gTLD time frame here