According to tweets from a couple of people at NeuStar, the ICANN TAS system is having problems today.

Jeff Neuman of NeuStart Tweeted today:

“Check your applications in TAS. Reports of missing applications- Our application 4 .Neustar is 1 of them”

“”TAS also lost our “unique” ID which we got upon paying initial 5k. We need ID to pay remainder, fill out app & see all apps.””

Ken Hanson of Neustar also Twitted today:

“Check your applications in TAS this morning. Reports of missing application”

On Tuesday we were on a blogger call with Rod Beckstrom the CEO of ICANN who told the bloggers that everything was “running smoothly” on the new gTLD process.

Looks like today there maybe an issue which apps getting lost during the submission process.

We will keep checking Twitter for other reports of problems and will update you as the day goes on.



ICANN has now tweeted:

“A display issue occurred in TAS, it has been corrected. All data is now visible & no information was lost”