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Dolphin.co Sells For $48K To Dolphin Energy a Huge Oil Company In The UAE

Ron Jackson reported the news today as part of his weekly report on DnJournal.com, that the domain name Dolphin.co sold for $48K.

The seller was the .Co registry.

The buyer was Dolphin Energy which is a big oil company out of the United Arab Emirates.

Dolphin  put out a press release on January 26th last week (without the price listed) announcing the acquisition:

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, January 26, 2012:

“”Dolphin Energy Limited today announced that it has acquired the Internet domain name ‘dolphin.co’ from .CO Internet S.A.S., the company that manages the .CO root domain.”

“The company will use the domain name ‘dolphin.co’ to enhance its existing online presence with a short, memorable domain that will help the company to engage with its stakeholders locally and across the Middle East region more easily.”

“The company has also taken the opportunity to register the both ‘dolphin’ and ‘dolphinenergy’ names under the Arabic .emirates and .qatar root domains respectively.”

“Dolphin Energy transports natural gas from Qatar to the emirates of the UAE and Oman. The move to acquire the ‘dolphin.co’ domain name comes at a time when there is an increase in the number of companies acquiring .CO domain names.”

More about the company:

“”Dolphin Energy was established in March 1999 as an initiative of the Government of Abu Dhabi.

The founders had always conceived Dolphin Energy as a force for international cooperation – one that would unite the vision and resources of the region with multinational capital and expertise. Total of France was accordingly invited to become a shareholder in Dolphin Energy during 2000. After a further selection process, Occidental Petroleum of the USA became the company’s second international partner in 2002.

The three Dolphin Energy Limited shareholders are Mubadala Development Company with 51 percent, and Total and Occidental Petroleum with 24.5 percent each. Mubadala Development Company is wholly owned by the Government of Abu Dhabi.

Now that the price has been released it another nice .Co sale to a major company.

Congrats to the .Co registry and Dolphin Energy


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Jay-Z & Beyonce Trademark Their Baby’s Name But Don’t Own The Domains BlueIvy.com or BlueIvyCarter.com

According to a story today in in the Washington Post, Jay-Z and Beyoncé  have filed a trademark application on their baby’s name Blue Ivy Carter, On January 26th.

The application was filed by TBGK Trademark Holdings,  Beyoncé’s company to cover all things fashion as well as baby carriages, baby cosmetics, and diaper bags.

The article goes on to say that two other trademark applications filed after the babies birth have already been turned down:

“Fashion designer Joseph Mbeh, who submitted an application to trademark “Blue Ivy Carter NYC” on Jan. 11 — just four days after the baby was born. Another applicant filed on Jan. 20 for “Blue Ivy Carter Glory IV” to use on a line of fragrances. The trademark office has already denied both filings, saying the name belonged to a “very famous infant ” and consumers would falsely assume that the products were approved by the celebrity parents”

Of course since we are a publication concentrated on domain names, we checked it out and the domain name BlueIvy.com was registered way back in 1999 and goes to a placeholder for the registrar.

The domain name BlueIvyCarter.com on the other hand was registered on January 8th, 2012.

The baby was born on Saturday night January 7th and announced to the world on January 8th along with the name of the baby.

Were some of the most successful people in the entertainment world with their own highly successful businesses on top of the domain game and smart enough to register the .com domain name of their baby?

Look like they were not.

The domain name is under privacy at Godaddy.com, but if you check DomainTools.com to see the original registration it looks like the parents missed on registering the .com version of their baby’s name that they just trademarked.

The domain name BlueIvyCarter.com is going to a Godaddy default registrar PPC page.

BlueIvyCarter.net was also registered on January 8th and is going to a “tribute page” which indicates the domain is for sale.

The same person that registered the .net also registered the .org but that domain is going to the Godaddy default PPC page.

BlueIvyCarter.me didn’t get registered until January 13th, also not owned by the parents.

As for BlueIvyCarter.xxx that domain was registered on January 11th to an address in NY.


That domain does not resolve.

The bottom line this is a good lesson for all celebrities actually all parents,  maybe you should secure the matching .com domain name of your baby before announcing it to the world, especially if your planning on trademarking the name.…

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