I just had the opportunity to speak and moderate a panel at HostingCon in Chicago on the domain name industry and the secondary market for domain names.

There was a packed room, and with me were Sean Stafford of DNZoom, Frank Mitchlick of DomainNameNews.com and sharedreviews.com, and Tim Schumacher of Sedo, plus lots of very intelligent CEOs and senior management approached me throughout the show with a series of relly intelligent questions about the domain name industry.

I came away from the event with a few takeaways.  One is that my friend  Isabel Wang  totally gets it, two is that most hosting companies are clueing into the thundering sound of lost revenue rolling off the edge of the earth when their domain names expire, and third was that we’re experiencing immense growth in our industry to see a conference of this size be so well orchestrated and focused on business development so well.

Props to Frank, George, and Sue at Inter Juncture, and much success to you!