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ICM Registry Suspends TM Domains Including,,,

According to a Press release by the ICM Registry, the official registry of the new .xxx top-level domain TLD, ICM “announced that as part of its investigation of reported cybersquatting by a handful of individuals, it has suspended registrations that appear to involve unmistakable, blatant cybersquatting in violation of the Registry’s policies and the Registry-Registrant […]

Court Rules Pothead Can’t Change Name to a Domain Name

I won’t be changing my personal name to anytime soon. Here’s an interesting court decision handed down by the Court of Appeal in California. Robert Edward Forchion, Jr., a self proclaimed “dedicated marijuana lover”, wanted to change his statutory name to He has gone by the name NJWeedman for a while and operates […]

FaceBook files TypoSquatter Lawsuit Based on Domains

Apparently Facebook has not only continued their practice of filing disputes for domains names it saw infringing on its trademarks but now also has changed gears and filed a suit on July 22nd against more than 100 parties claiming Cybersquatting, Trademark infringement, False Designation of Origin, Trademark Dilution, Breach of Contract and Tortious Interference . […]

Facebook Files Massive Cybersquatting Lawsuit

Lawsuit goes after typosquatters who redirect to survey offers. As reported on Elliot’s Blog today, Facebook has filed a lawsuit against dozens of people for allegedly typosquatting on its domain names. One of the interesting aspects of this case is what the defendants are allegedly doing with the domain names. Instead of parking them with […]

Owner of .Com Domain Sues for .Co Domain Name

Real estate firm sues owner of .co. The owner of a .com domain name has filed a lawsuit (pdf) to get the .co version of their domain name. This is the first such .co federal anticybersquatting lawsuit I’m aware of (although there have been plenty of UDRPs and I don’t think a complainant has lost […]

BMW Files Cybersquatting Lawsuit

Company files federal court case over BMW has filed a lawsuit against Illinois company Prime Market Targeting, Inc. and Scott Duff for trademark infringement, false designation of origin, cybersquatting, and unfair competition over the domain name The automaker is asking for the domain name, attorneys fees, $100,000 per anti-cybersquatting rules, and for the […]

3M Sues Registrars, Webhosts and DNS Hosts for Cybersquatting over Gambling Domains

3M has filed a broad lawsuit naming a larger number of registrars, webhosts and dns hosts for cybersquatting and infringing on the company’s brands. The lawsuit is also filed against some individual domain names that include the letters “3M” and “mmm”. A large number of the sites named in the lawsuit appear to be gambling […]