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Fairwinds Reduces Assumption of CPC on TypoSquatting Sites, But Still $2.03

Fairwinds updates faulty report, but it’s still laughable. Last month FairWinds Partners, the group behind CADNA, released a report suggesting that typosquatting costs the 250 most visited web sites $327 million a year. I immediately smelled something fishy about the biggest underlying assumption in the report: the average cost-per-click on ads on typosquatted domains was […]

MySpace Boss Peter Chernin Thinks the Site is Underpaid for Ads But Video and Mobile May Change That is wildly popular but Peter Chernin, the President of parent company News Corp, says ads on the site don’t generate the kind of money they should. He thinks video and mobile may be the key to ramping up their (and your) website revenue.

Domain Names the New Network TV Affiliates

I love Television .. Growing up as a German immigrant (the son of German immigrants) in Hamilton Ontario, I learned English by watching television. The first TV I can remember watching was a Cheerios commercial during cartoons on Buffalo 7 .. For years I watched TV on the family’s 19 inch Black-and-White set.. It wasn’t until the late 70’s that we could afford our first color TV (a 24" Hitachi") .. I had to think about that this morning as I watched MTV on my new Panasonic 103" .. the set cost more to buy and install than the home…

My co-worker is on “The Next Great American Band” tonight (Fri 10/19) on Fox (8pm)

Hi- I am jazzed!  Joe Higgins, who many in the industry know from DomainFest, TRAFFIC, GeoDomainExpo, or Domain Roundtable conferences, is a friend and co-worker.  The exciting news today is that his band “The Likes of You” made the list of ten finalist bands that will participate in a contest of elimination similar to the American Idol […]