The second year of the conference, which I had the priveledge and honor to be executive producer on, has gone famously!

We had some great highlights, such as both Paul Twomey and Vint Cerf of ICANN as keynote speakers, plus Matt Bentley of Sedo and Marc Ostrovsky of iReit.

There was so much amazing content, fantastic speakers, and a great experience for everyone who participated in the event.

Sponsors, Speakers, and Attendees all had a positive experience, and I am grateful that this was such a great show as a result of it all.

One never knows what interesting things will happen when you put together so many different interests together under the same roof for the purposes of eduction and networking, but if the different emails that I saw afterwards were any indication, this was an amazing success!

Thank you to all the staff at Name Intelligence for their hard work and efforts on making this a wonderful conference for all the attendees.