Should Bloggers know XHTML/CSS? They should not have to.

Should Bloggers Know XHTML & CSS? ask Nick of The answer is: They should not have to.

I did notice that cutting and pasting from articles or posts on the web
into a rich text editor can be quite challenging and can possibly
produce a lot of garbage HTML. My current solution: I try to remember
to paste the text into a pure text editor and re-copy it from there
before actually pasting it into the rich text editor of the blog.

no means a perfect solution, but it seems to work fine in most cases
for now. In the future the Blogging System/CMS should take care of
these formatting issues.

Dr. Warpjam’s Feed Diet

James is going on a Feed Diet (WarpJam). A great idea. He started out by reducing the amount of feeds he subscribes to to 15 and then added a couple of new blogs that he had not been reading before in order to broaden his mind.

I recently started using Google Reader, and I do notice that I barely make it through the new articles in a day. So a Feed Diet might indeed be what the Doctor ordered, after all I also see quite a bit of redundant information in my feeds.

By the way I just meet with James the other night, and you should keep an eye on his company Names@Work. They are up to no good many good things.

I never got your email, but I would like to use your service

I tried today to sign up for an account with and The problem? I never got the confirmation emails.

Since I have access to the mailserver logfiles, here’s one of the corresponding entries:

2006-05-19 05:25:57 (d56.digg.internal) [] sender verify fail for <>

2006-05-19 04:03:13 [] sender verify fail
for <>: response to “RCPT
TO:<>” from []
was: 511 sorry, no mailbox here by that name (#5.1.1 – chkuser)

try to reduce the amount of spam for the users of our non-profit box.
One of the things we do, is to make sure that the sender address
actually is likely to exist. So please, make sure it does exist, if you
want us (and many other people employing this method) to receive your
mail. Hey, nobody said it needs to be a real account or someone needs
to read the mail there. Simply pipe it to /dev/null, but do set the
address up. Thanks.

[Update: Digg activated my account manually after I emailed them]

Peer to patent reviews

Now this is why I love the Internet, and I am very impressed by who seems to have now embraced the age of the participation web: The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has set up a Wiki on JotSpot for their The Peer to Patent Project. Maybe this is the first step in the much needed review of our patent laws, as the project is supposed to enable Community Peer reviews of Patents.