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Domain Marketplace Interview on Domaine.Info

This interview recently posted at the French domain industry website Domaine.Info for a segment that was taped at the Sao Paulo, Brazil ICANN meeting. I am joined by Phil Corwin, Roger Collins, and Tom Barrett in discussion of the Domain Marketplace and some of the current terms and trends in the industry, following a very […]

DNS – Oxford Internet Institute series on 1/28/08

Curious about the history and future of Domain Names?

DomainFest Global 08 – Hollywood California gets the Domain Industry, literally.

In under a month, DOMAINfest Global will happen in Hollywood, California, and there is a lot of excitement brewing over this. So Hollywood “Gets” the Domain Industry — as in for a few days the Domain Industry will gather there. January 21-23 2007 at the Renaissance Hotel at Hollywood and Highland. It was good to […]

Notes from GeoDomainExpo

While attending the Associated Cities‘ GeoDomain Expo in San Francisco, Oracle World was happening across the street at the Moscone Center. Our venue hotel had a lot of spillover crowd from the Oracle World conference, and so thre were mixed crowds socially.  Mash-up a who’s who of alpha dog domainers and Oracle enthusiasts, developers and […]