Next up: .nxt Conference in San Francisco, August 24-26, 2011

New TLDs are covered in depth and precise focus in San Francisco in August.  This is a great opportunity for Silicon Valley based entrepreneurs and venture capitalists that might be interested to find out a bit more information in and around the recently  announced plans that will shift the internet from the .COM era.

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Domain Marketplace moves…

The Domain Marketplace converged on New York this week for the Sedo User conference and T.R.A.F.F.I.C., with other events like the DomainJamNYC happening in the midst of it all.

Lots to report, though I am not there. completed the acquisition of Snapnames (which is like peanut butter and chocolate getting together), and Sedo announced their acquisition of GreatDomains from VeriSign.

Fabulous is gaining ground with their DDN, announcing that large regsitrar Tucows is coming aboard there. Tucows also completed a $3M(USD) premium portfolio sale, and announced their secondary market platform.

Moniker will be performing the worlds largest domain auction this week at the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference.

DomainsBot is demonstrating new technology that categorizes or identifies the language of domains when submitted a list of names. has launched as a platform allowing consolidation and management of domains into a single registrar, but leasing one of the creds that are owned by momentous/pool., a consolidated domain management platform, was announced by Modern Gigabyte, and looks promising as a central platform.

ICANN San Juan, Puerto Rico 6/25-29, 2007

The next ICANN meeting is coming up, June 25 to 29. Here are some reasons why I would encourage attendance and participation, and what to watch for there.

    Dude, it’s in Puerto Rico, “La Isla Bonita” . . . What more reason do you need? Although it sounds super glamorous, there’s a lot of us that work hard and don’t leave the venue but for sparse moments.
  2. WHOIS
    Conversations about WHOIS format, access, and accuracy are going to be a large focus at this meeting. There are so many sides to this, all with very reasonable needs and requirements that we’re entering into year 8 of the work to make improvements, rules, and expectations.
  3. NEW GTLDs
    New Generic Top Level Domains are going to be a huge topic of discussion, as the process has been largely established and the application window rapidly approaches. It remains to be seen how many applications will come, but I am predicting that there will be at least 150-200 new applications.The driving forces will surround minimum requirements of the applicants, what the application fee is to submit a new string, and how much collision there is (aka duplicate entries) on TLD string submissions. (Hint: .web may have more than one applicant, try something different than that string)The many people who’ve put tireless effort into this process have thought of almost everything, and have brought experience from the past two rounds for this process.

INTEROP.JP June 11-15 2007

INTEROP.JP June 11-15 2007

I have been asked to speak at the INTEROP in Chiba (Tokyo) Japan on the 14th, and accepted.
What is INTEROP? “企業が必要としている最適なネットワーク環境の実現に不可欠な最新の基盤技術・製品群と、それを用いたリューションを展示し新たなビジネスチャンスを掴むための“ 出展社と来場者の最適なマッチング ”を提供する。それが、Interopです。 “