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Video: Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation on Internet regulation

Powerful statement on the Internet and its ability to create innovation, commerce, and jobs.

new Applicant Guidebook to be released today

As Andrew Alleman released yesterday, the final version of the Applicant Guide Book might be released today. ICANN is also about to launch a website dedicated to new Top Level Domains on monday.Right now the site http…

Registry Service Provider Speed Dating

Two years ago, in 2008, I put together a session at the Paris ICANN meeting where I gathered new TLD applicants and service providers together in a room to meet each other. Afterward, I put together a survey and then collected the information in to a grid so that potential new TLD applicants could see […]

VIDEO : Cybersecurity Panel in Washington DC

VIDEO: Alexa Raad and PIR hosting a cyber security panel in Washington DC “A rare opportunity to spend time with Rod Beckstrom, CEO and President of ICANN, as he shares his views on the future of ICANN. Following Mr. Beckstrom’s speech, for the next 1.5 hours, a panel of industry experts will discuss the trends […]

Heading to Seoul for ICANN Meetings

I am heading to Seoul, Korea shortly to attend and participate in the ICANN meetings, where new TLDs are the talk of the town. ICANN has made some major strides in the past year and I am certain that we will be seeing many good things in the coming year. A few interviews, public forums, […]

Assimilating New TLDs into the marketplace

I had the privilege to speak at the CENTR General Assembly in Pisa, to discuss the marketplace and how new TLDs can be assimilated into the marketplace via the registrar channel. It may prove to be like taking a small sip from a fireplug with the number of applications coming, so potential applicants would […]

DomainFest Global 08 – Hollywood California gets the Domain Industry, literally.

In under a month, DOMAINfest Global will happen in Hollywood, California, and there is a lot of excitement brewing over this. So Hollywood “Gets” the Domain Industry — as in for a few days the Domain Industry will gather there. January 21-23 2007 at the Renaissance Hotel at Hollywood and Highland. It was good to […]