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Why I believe 1 and 2 character domains should be allowed in .INFO

1-2 character domains should be released in .info, here’s why…

S.2661: Snowe’s Bill chance on Hill? The APCPA bill that should make ALL domain owners loose sleep at night…

Michael Berkins is blogging about a particularly nasty bit of legislature that is coming down the tubes. I am really concerned about a piece of legislature that has been getting pres. On February 25th, 2008 US Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME) introduced S. 2661, the “Anti-Phishing Consumer Protection Act of 2008 (APCPA)”. The bill is co-sponsored […]

DNS – Oxford Internet Institute series on 1/28/08

Curious about the history and future of Domain Names?

Single character domain allocation process

ICANN is establishing a forum on allocation methods for single character ([A-Z0-9]) second level registrations in the gTLDs. There are 16 gTLDs that have single character registrations restricted, of which .COM, .NET, and .ORG have only six registrations within that predated the rule to establish the restriction ( – Qwest, – Paypal, – Nissan, […]

Three new TLDs in the Root: .KP, .ME, .RS

Please welcome North Korea (aka Korea, Democratic People’s Republic) (.KP), Montenegro (.ME), and Serbia (.RS) to the root zone. Delegation was approved at the recent Special ICANN Board of Director meeting on September 11. My compliments to Kim Davies and David Conrad at IANA on a smooth process from board approval to root addition. It […]

Registry Failover Planning Should include Registrar Provisioning

I commented on a public document.   Let me be more specific… Recently, there has been some talk over what a registry failover would need to look like, in the event that a new registry provider would need to be designated. As new Top Level Domains (TLD) are introduced, many of them include failover testing or […]

Off to ICANN!

Heading down to Brazil for my umpteenth ICANN meeting. I’ve been asked to moderate a panel on the registrar phenomenon called ‘domain tasting’ on 12/6/06. Domain Name Marketplace Workshop Link